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Cultural competences

We contribute to the development of knowledge and competences which enable to live and work in a world which is becoming increasingly open and multicultural in a more rich and skillful, interesting and smart manner. We help to develop cultural competences that include knowledge of different languages and ways of thinking, exchange of meanings, development of writing and speaking skills in different languages as well as getting to know and understanding different cultures and cultural areas, and coping therein.

The focus field of cultural competences is represented by TU School of Humanities and Centre of Excellence in Intercultural Studies. The fields of activity and contacts of the School are the following:

The main fields of applied research and development activities are:

  • teaching, translating, interpreting, studying different languages and cultures
  • consultations on possibilities of developing intercultural dialogues and on barriers thereto, incl. consultations on business environment and similar in Asian countries
  • services and applied research related to cultural heritage
  • applied research in urban organisation and urban space
  • developing innovative possibilities (incl. written, visual) for teaching and studying history, and for creating knowledge in history

The main cooperation partners in development are public sector organisations, enterprises and organisations who are active in a multicultural environment or who wish to enter another cultural area. Also institutions interested in studying the history of their field of activity.

Examples of development cooperation:

Consultation and product development for providing better service for clients of different nationalities at Inger Hotel. Client: Travel Balt OÜ 

A survey on whether the Finns trust an Estonian health service enterprise and if not, the reasons thereof; how to build trust by web-based means. Client: KSA Vision Clinic 

Inventory of archaeological sites and historic natural sites in Hargla parish. Client: EU project  “Archaeology, Authority and Community” 

Preparations for the study on patterns of mobility for the development of short-term rent of electric vehicles and use of sustainable transportation. Client: KredEx Foundation