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The Estonian Institute for Population Studies (TLÜ EDI) combines research and training in core demography. The Institute was established in 1998, based on the Chair of Demography (est. 1994) and the Estonian Interuniversity Population Research Centre (est. 1986) (www.popest.ee). The development of the Institute follows the concept of a national population research institution (NPI) scaled to a small country. It performs a role of a country leading unit in the field of demography.

The mission of the Institute is to monitor, analyse and project the existing and emerging trends that shape the demographic foundation of a society. The Institute also contributes to the development of a national system of population and social statistics, in cooperation with the Statistics Estonia and other institutions. It develops curricula, provides a research environment for doctoral students (Ph.D program description) and offers courses in demography at the undergraduate level.

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Tallinn University Estonian Institute for Population Studies
Uus-Sadama 5
Room M-553
Tallinn 10120

Phone: (+372) 6454125
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E-mail: ekdk....at....tlu.ee

Mailing address: P.O. Box 3012, 10504 Tallinn, Estonia

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