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Traffic Safety

Professional Higher Education studies
Study programme volume (ECTS credit):180
Time of study: 3 years
Degree: Diploma of Professional Higher Education 
Self-supported curriculum

Study programme objectives

To create preconditions for:

  • ensuring systematic and continuous traffic safety education;
  • being aware of basic concepts and theoretical principles of traffic safety;
  • developing the knowledge and skills necessary for understanding and carrying out traffic analyses and research studies;
  • developing the knowledge and skills necessary for an interdisciplinary approach to traffic behaviour;
  • understanding the basic principles of a safe traffic environment;
  • developing the readiness to work as a traffic safety specialist;
  • obtaining the basic knowledge necessary for continuing the studies at Master´s level;
  • lifelong learning and continuous professional development;
  • obtaining the basics of international traffic safety.

Learning outcomes

  • is aware of theoretical and methodological basics of traffic safety
  • is able to carry out traffic safety analysis and research studies
  • is able to develop attitudes aimed at traffic safety of different target groups
  • is able to develop a safe traffic environment and predict human behaviour in the environment
  • understands the role of traffic safety related institutions and the importance of partnership in the development of a traffic environment and behaviour
  • is able to coordinate and manage different projects that develop traffic safety on national and local levels
  • has pre-knowledge and skills necessary for carrying out international collaboration in the field of traffic safety
  • understands the importance of his/her own continuous professional development and life long learning
Study programme

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