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Applied Computer Science

Professional Higher Education studies
Study programme volume (ECTS credit):180
Time of study: 3 years
Degree: Diploma of Professional Higher Education 
Self-supported curriculum

The study programme of Applied Computer Science was opened at Tallinn University Haapsalu College in the autumn semester of 2006 and at that time was the first applied higher education curriculum at Tallinn University.

Study programme objective:

The main aim is to enable broad-based professional training in various fields of IT (mostly focusing on software development and multimedia design) and to support the development of IT-related competencies.

Learning outcomes:

  • has a wide knowledge base in various fields of IT;
  • knows how to integrate and implement IT in different fields;
  • can analyse, design and test different kinds of software and multimedia components;
  • can communicate with clients and business partners;
  • understands the need for professional development and readiness for lifelong learning.

Career opportunities:

Our graduates currently hold these positions: software developer, programmer, webmaster, designer, information manager, system administrator, technician, teacher of computer science, etc. Many of our graduates have continued their studies at master’s level in different universities.

Study Programme

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