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Email address

In the Tallinn University email address system each user has two email addresses. One is based on the username and the other (an email pseudonym) is forename.surname....at....tlu.ee. This address has been created to all existing users and will be created to all new users on the moment of opening their account.

As it is not possible to use all symbols that occur in different names, the fallowing rules are generally abided by. If it is not possible to form an address according to those rules, each case will be resolved separately.

In case of several pseudonyms with the exact same form a full stop and a two-digit number will be added to the pseudonym that has been created later (for example John.Doe.01....at....tlu.ee).

Diacritics (marks on top, at the bottom, through or next to a letter that change the letters meaning) are not used, only the basic letter remains. Apostrophes in names are not used. Spacing is replaced with an underscore.

The pseudonym is not case sensitive (does not differentiate uppercase and lowercase letters) so all the fallowing examples of e-mail addresses can be used equally: john.doe....at....tlu.ee, John.Doe....at....tlu.ee, JOHN.DOE....at....tlu.ee.

To use the long email address for sending out letters it is necessary to add it to Google yourself. For that you have to log into Gmail and go to „Settings“ -> „Accounts“ -> „Send mail as“, add your forename.surname....at....tlu.ee and fallow further instructions. After the process is successfully completed you can send email from your long email address. If this has not been done, even if you’re using MS Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird where the long e-mail address has been set as the default sender’s address, Google will automatically change it to the default address (the short version of the email address).

If a user wishes to change the email pseudonym please present a substantiated application to the user account administrator of Tallinn University (Brigitta Kivisaar, email Brigitta.Kivisaar....at....tlu.ee, phone 640 9193, room S-203).

All questions and problems should also be referred to the user account administrator.

Redirecting the emails to another account

Using the University email account is mandatory. If you are not planning to use it actively it would be good to forward the emails to another personal account.

To forward the emails to another account you have to log into Gmail and go to „Settings“ -> „Forwarding and POP/IMAP“ -> „Add a forwarding address“. After entering your personal email address a confirmation link will be sent there. That link has to be activated for the forwarding to start.