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The Institute of Political Science and Governance is the largest Political Science and Public Administration academic teaching unit in Estonia, both in the numbers of academic staff and students and the number of programmes offered. The Institute is actively involved in the areas of political science, public administration, management, economics, international relations and European studies.

Our mission is to set an exemplary standard in quality and innovation; to encourage openness; to promote a knowledge-based society and quality in public sector governance through research and consulting activities.

The Institute’s activities are centered in three research tracks, Political Science, Governance and International Relations. All aspects of the Institute’s academic life are made possible through the cooperation of these two research tracks including collaborative thinking in research and doctoral seminars, initiation of research projects, quality development of study programmes and subjects. The Institute’s research is internationally evaluated, and it holds an interminate teaching right in Social Sciences and Business and Administration, awarded by the Government of the Republic.


Contact our Study Centre

Phone: (+372) 6 409 456, (+372) 6 409 455

E-mail: kadri.kalda....at....tlu.ee, marili.anso....at....tlu.ee

Guidance in MA studies (English programmes) - Ms. Kadri Kalda - (+372) 6 409 456 - kadri.kalda....at....tlu.ee

Guidance in PhD studies - Ms. Marili Anso - (+372) 6 409 455 - marili.anso....at....tlu.ee

Guidance in BA studies - Ms. Krista Vilippus - (+372) 6 409 457 - krista.vilippus....at....tlu.ee

Head of Studies - Mr. Tõnu Idnurm - (+372) 6 409 454 - tonu.idnurm....at....tlu.ee 

For guidance in studies and admission please contact our study coordinators for the specific curriculum. Thank You.



Postal address:

Tallinn University, Institute of Political Science and Governance, Narva mnt 25, 10120 Tallinn, Estonia