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Institutional Accreditation

The institutional accreditation is an external evaluation in the course of which EKKA shall assess the compliance of the management, administration, academic and research activity, and academic and research environment of universities and institutions of professional higher education (hereinafter ‘higher education institutions’), with the legislation as well as with the purposes and development plans of institutions of higher education. Institutional accreditation is organised by the EKKA, Estonian Higher Education Quality Agency.

International accreditation committee recognized the high level of internationalisation, including the high number of international academic staff. According to committee's opinion several activities in the university have a high quality internationally, for example Asian Studies, film and innovation in education.

Tallinn University submitted the self-assessment report on 10th January 2014

The assessment panel visited Tallinn Univiversity 8th - 10th Aprill 2014. The members of the assessment panel were:  

  • Prof Malcolm Cook – University of Exeter since 2008 (UK)
  • Professor Carmen Fenoll - Universidad de Castilla-la Mancha (Spain)
  • Professor Andrew Goodspeed – South East European University, Senior Vice-President for Academic Affairs (Macedonia)
  • Dr Richard Osborn – WASC Senior College and University Commission, Vice-President (USA)
  • Dr Helka Urponen – University of Lapland since 2011 (Findland)
  • Karina Ufert – students, Vilnius University (Lithunia)

 EKKA Quality Assessment Council confirmed the final decision and assessment report on 9th June 2014. Summary of the assessment: 

  • Organisational management and performance - conforms to requirements
  • Teaching and learning - conforms to requirements
  • Research, development and other creative activities - conforms to requirements
  • Service to society - conforms to requirements

See the assessment report