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University logo

  • The logo of Tallinn University can be used only in the shape and colour shown below. If possible, the coloured version of the logo must be used.
  • The logo cannot be altered, deformed or displayed in poor quality.
  • If the logo is used, there must be free space that equals ½ of the logo's height from each edge of the logo.


Logo files for the designer

PDF (in English)
PDF (in Estonian)

The files are suitable for adding the logo to publications or on other surfaces and can be used with most graphic design software. The PDF format can also be viewed with Acrobat Reader.

Logo files for the user

JPG (in colour, in Estonian)
JPG (black and white, in Estonian)
JPG (in colour, in English)
JPG (black and white, in English)

The files are compatible with Word and other office software. If documents are printed in black and white, the logo must also be black and white.

For questions regarding the logo, please contact:
Piret Räni
E-mail: piret.rani....at....tlu.ee
Phone: +372 640 9143