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Startup Passion in Baltic Sea Region

In March 2016, an international programme Startup Passion in Baltic Sea Region, began. The purpose of this programme is to bring the knowledge and experience of those who are successful in the business world to young and entrepreneurial students.

All students in Estonia are invited to participate regardless of their specialty and their university.

What counts is a wish to achieve something the (business)world, to be successful in business, identify and solve problems that we are all facing every day.

Taxify, Airbnb and many other successful start-ups got started from ideas which today seem simple.

Come and develop a proper business project on the basis of your idea.

Startup Passion in Baltic Sea Region offers:
- mentoring and trainings from the best experts from Finland, Estonia and Latvia;
- development of ideas and enterprises in international teams;
- the best teams meet up with investors;
- trainings and mentoring services are FREE;
- travel and accommodation expenses relating to participation are covered by the programme;
- you can receive CREDIT POINTS for the participation in the programme.

Please learn about the programme HERE.

In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Estonian project manager: Olesja Rotar, olesjab....at....tlu.ee, 5137 029.

Partners to the programme:
Tallinn University
Stockholm School of Economics (SSE Riga)
Regional development company Cursor OY (Finland)
South-Eastern University of Applied Science (Finland)

The project is supported by the Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020.