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Educational innovation

We support the development and implementation of a modern learning culture in Estonian education sphere, contributing to the conceptualisation and introduction of the changing approach to teaching and learning, and the development of suitable assessment bases. We also contribute to the development and implementation of principles of educational organization and management, and to the formation of an educational policy that favours modern learning culture.

The focus field of educational innovation is represented by TU School of Educational Sciences, Centre for Innovation in Education and TU’s Centre of Excellence in Educational Innovation.

The fields of activity and respective contacts of the School are the following: 

The main fields of applied research and development activities are:

  • education research, including research in learning conceptualisation
  • pedagogical counselling in product development
  • idea development of learning aids and educational games, development and testing of prototypes
  • research in the need for and results of training and development of training programmes
  • development and preparation of innovative study programmes, modules, training formats and teaching methodologies
  • development, piloting and researching of models of school management
  • counselling on development of learning environment and school culture

Main cooperation partners in development activity are organisations of different levels of education from the public sector and the field, e.g. Foundation Innove, Estonian Teachers´ Association, Foundation Youth to School, etc., but also organisations for the development of youth work and adult education, including Estonian Adult Trainers’ Association, Estonian Youth Work Centre, Estonian Youth Associations’ Union, etc.

Examples of development cooperation for product development (measures of Enterprise Estonia shares):

Under an order from Universaalne Disain OÜ, the usability of  3D colour sheets made for children with special needs was tested and a product feasibility study was conducted.

Usability testing of game set “3 games in one” 

Under the order of Grafilius OÜ had a prototype of the company’s game set tested in kindergartens, which resulted in proposing the possible uses of the game set in developing social skills of children in both regular and integrated groups, and in the establishment of skills required for school readiness in a regular group. The development proposals for the prototype were based on testing the results and expert assessments received from the kindergarten teachers about using the options of and need for the prototype. In addition, a methodological guide was compiled for the game set.

Consultation on supplementing and expanding of a company’s product portfolio

Under the order of Novapinus OÜ ordered testing and analysis of company´s current products in cooperation with representatives of three areas of education (special education, teaching of primary skills and preparatory pedagogy), which resulted in improvement proposals and the compilation of a methodical user guide of the products for parents, and kindergarten and school teachers. Supplementing of product portfolio was aided by brainstorms and the best idea was selected together with the ordering company. A concept was developed for the new selected product. Proposed changes to the product portfolio were presented as a written report.

Product development of STEKU building toy for kids 

Under the order of Intecon OÜ, a methodical guide for STEKU building toy and accompanying problem solving cards was compiled. In addition, a collection of exercises for the development of mathematical skills for children aged 7 - 10 years was compiled together with methodical user guide. Tasks were graphically visualised and an educational film was made on the use of building the toy and its extras.