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Development services

Tallinn University wishes to be useful, and to mediate its knowledge to the society and partners in the private sector, public sector and non-profit sector.

The university offers its support in five focus fields: educational innovation, digital and media culture, cultural competences, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, society and open governance.

In cooperation with Enterprise Estonia, we offer enterprises a possibility to cooperate and order services in the framework of the innovation voucher and development voucher grant.

In cooperation with the Archimedes Foundation, we offer a possibility to cooperate and order applied research related to smart specialization growth areas.

Innovation and development vouchers:

An innovation voucher is a tool for small and medium-sized enterprises to find innovative solutions for development obstacles in cooperation with the university’s experts.

Activities supported:

  • consultancy on product and service development;
  • consultancy on manufacturing and technologies;
  • organising product testing and industrial experiments;
  • organising feasibility and cost-benefit studies;
  • consultancy on legal protection concerning design rights, patents, utility models;
  • consultancy on metrology, standardisation and certification;
  • development and introduction of technological solutions.
  • degree studies or continuing education courses, business model creation, changes or supplements thereto are not supported under this measure

Amount of the grant: in case of the innovation voucher, up to EUR 4000 (self-financing 20%), in case of the development voucher up to EUR 20 000 (self-financing 30%)

Please contact: Marek Mühlberg, +372 551 0204, arendus....at....tlu.ee

Applied research in smart specialization:

Archimedes and Estonian Research Council offer support for enterprises for ordering applied research or product development from Estonian research institutions.

Activities supported:

  • enterprises receive support for the financing of applied research conducted in growth areas in their interest. enterprises receive support for the financing of product development in their interest
  • funding for conducting applied research and product development  is supported only in cases where the applicant provides his/her own financial contribution.
  • applied research and product development are not financed in those public research and development institutions which have a holding in the company applying for the grant, or in its partner, rights of a founder or membership rights, or which are major funders of the company in question
  • projects within which the activities mentioned in section 1 or 2 have started before the submission of the application are not supported.
  • if support is provided as de minimis aid, requirement to submit the application before the start of the activities does not apply.

Amount of the grantthe maximum amount of the grant requested is EUR 2 million and the minimum amount is EUR 20,000 per project.

Please contact: Külliki Tafel-Viia, +372 6199 943, arendus....at....tlu.ee