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Applied research

Open Academy of Tallinn University offers a possibility to cooperate in conducting applied research in the fields of smart specialization.

Archimedes and Estonian Research Council offer support for enterprises for ordering applied research or product development from Estonian research institutions.
The amount of support under the call for proposals is up to EUR 9,000,000. The maximum amount of the support requested is EUR 2 million and the minimum amount is EUR 20,000 per project.

Smart specialization growth areas are fields of activity where enterprises could have above-average development opportunities, and contributing to research and development could help them to achieve competitive advantages.

The current Research and Development and Innovation Strategy “Knowledge-based Estonia” brings out three growth areas:
1) information and communication technology (ICT) which is connected to other economic spheres (such as cyber security, software development or the use of ICT for the automatization of industrial processes);
2) Health technologies (such as biotechnology or the use of IT for the development of medical services and products);
3) More efficient use of resources (such as entrepreneurs who work in the field of materials science and industries trying to find innovative construction possibilities or looking for opportunities to use oil shale more efficiently in chemical industry).

Activities supported:

1) Depending on the purpose of the measure and the expected outcome, enterprises are supported in the funding for the conduct of applied research in the growth areas which are in their interests, and carried out in public research and development agencies.
2) In growth areas, enterprises are supported in the funding for the conduct of product development which is in their interests, and carried out in public research and development agencies.
3) Funding for conducting applied research and product development is supported only in cases where the applicant provides his/her own financial contribution in the project.
4) Applied research or product development is not financed in those public research and development agencies which have a holding in the company applying for the grant, or in its partner, rights of a founder or membership rights, or which are major funders of the company in question.
5) Projects within which the activities mentioned in section 1 or 2 have started before the submission of the application are not supported.
6) If support is provided as de minimis aid, requirement to submit the application before the start of the activities does not apply.

Applicants may be the following legal person governed by private law or a company entered into commercial register of Estonia:
1) small enterprise;
2) medium-sized enterprise;
3) large enterprise.

Please read the folding providing an overview of the grant.
Please contact: Külliki Tafel-Viia, kylliki.tafel-viia....at....tlu.ee, 6409 361