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Personnel Office

The objective of the Personnel Office is to formulate and develop personnel policies that support the development of the university’s human resources and maintain a positive work environment for its employees.

The activities of the Office are:

  • developing, applying and monitoring the principles and regulations of Human Resources
  • organizing and providing assistance for staff recruitment
  • formulating and organizing the remuneration system
  • organizing training programmes that support staff development needs
  • organizing health care and occupational safety activities
  • managing the Human Resources function and providing advice regarding labour relations matters
  • monitoring personnel movements and endorsing personnel documents
  • supervising other activities that support the objectives of the Personnel Office

The Personnel Office is located on the 2nd floor of the Terra building in room T220.


Personnel Office
Tallinn University
Narva Rd 25
10120 Tallinn
Phone: +372 640 9210
E-mail: personnel....at....tlu.ee