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Getting settled

  • At University


Your host Institute will see to it that you have a work space. They should be able to answer all your questions about your working space and requirements. If by any chance you still need more information, contact Personnel Office personnel....at....tlu.ee

  • Estonian language course

"Practical Estonian and Estonian Culture"
Non-degree programme offered by the Institute of Estonian Language and Culture.

Further information:
Course coordinator: Marju Ilves, marju.ilves....at....tlu.ee

  • Registration of residence and ID-card

Register your place of residence (Tallinn City Office) and apply for an ID-card (Service Point of Citizenship and Migration Bureau of the Prefecture).

  • Taxes

Direct taxes are withheld from the salary automatically by the employer. Direct taxes are income tax, unemployment insurance and the funded pension payment (providing the employee has joined a mandatory funded pension in Estonia).

The sum of 144 euros from the monthly salary is income tax free for Estonian residents. You must ask your employer to take the income tax free sum into account monthly for salary payments. To get this you must first become the tax-resident of Estonia and present a proof of this to the employer.

  • Banks

Opening a bank account is very simple in Estonia. You can do so at the nearest bank office; all you need is a personal identification document. Salary payments are made in the University to a person’s bank account. If you stay here for a very short period then you can use your bank account in your home country.

  • University e-mail

It is obligatory to use personal University’s e-mail address. To get your personal e-mail please contact:

Ms Brigitta Kivisaar
phone: +372 640 9193
room: S302 (Silva building)
Office hours Monday–Friday 10.00–12.00 and 13.00–14.30
Please bring you passport or ID-card with!