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Planning your stay

  • Why Estonia?


We invite you to our small beautiful country, just 45 222 square km and with a population of 1,340 million. The capital Tallinn has a population of 400 thousand. From 2004 Estonia is an EU member state and the currency is Euro. The official language is Estonian which belongs to the Finno-Ugric language family, but Russian, English, Finnish and German are also widely spoken and understood. 

More than half of Estonia is covered with forest, one fifth is covered with marshes and bogs. We have more than 1500 islands and thousands of lakes. Average daytime temperature is -2,0°C in winter (may sink to -20°C) and +19.4°C in summer (may rise up to +30°C).

Read more about Estonia: estonia.eu or estonica.org

  • Do I need living and work permits?

An EU citizen may reside and work in Estonia without registration of his/her right of temporary residence for a term of up to 3 months. If you stay for longer than 3 months you should register your place of residence and apply for ID-card.

Citizens of third countries may need a visa for short-term visits (up to 6 months). Citizens of third countries need a residence permit for employment for long term work (more than 6 months) in Estonia.

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If you wish to have help from University in these matters, please contact Personnel Office, personnel....at....tlu.ee

  • What about health insurance?

The Estonian health-care system is organised by the Ministry of Social Affairs and is built on solidarity-based health financing. To get the Estonian health insurance you must register your place of residence (Tallinn City Office, Vabaduse väljak 7)  and let your employer know, so they can register you for the insurance. The first level of the health care system in Estonia is Family Physicians. Everyone has the right to choose their own family doctor. Family Physicians send their patients to medical specialists if and when necessary. Family doctors also write prescriptions for prescription-medicines. Visits to family physicians are free of charge if you have valid Estonian health insurance or a European Health Insurance Card. Read more about your social security rights in Estonia

  •  What about my children?

If you plan to bring your family to Estonia, they may also need a visa or a residence permit, depending on their citizenship and length of stay. Citizens of third countries can apply for a temporary residence permit for settling with their spouse to whom a residence permit for employment has been granted. For your children you should apply for a residence permit for settling with a close relative who resides in Estonia. Read more


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  • Where can I live?

The guesthouse at Tallinn University (address: Karu 17) is close to the university and suitable for short-term stays. For bookings contact: dormitorium....at....tlu.ee.
If you plan to stay for a longer period it is advisable to rent an apartment or a house. Real estate databases: Real Estate Web, City24 Real Estate contain information on apartments and houses for sale or to let.