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Required application documents

The candidates are expected to submit by 20
th Febuary 2018 (including) to Personnel Office of Tallinn University (Narva mnt 25, room T-218, 10120, Tallinn, or digitally signed to konkurss....at....tlu.ee), with the title “Academic competition” the following documents:

  • A personally signed application-motivation letter addressed to the Rector in which the candidate provides an overview of the aims that he or she will seek to realise in developing the field of teaching, research and development or creative activity.
  • CV containing data listed in Annex 11 (.doc  .pdf) of Empoyment Regulation Rules. Data on teaching, research and development and creative activity may also be presented in the form of a printout from databases. In presenting a printout, it must be noted in the CV which data, as listed in Annex 11, are presented as a printout.
  • Copies of the document proving the qualification to hold the position and its annexes. Originals of the document proving qualification and its annexes or certified copies may be requested from the candidate. If a degree has been earned abroad, an assessment from the ENIC/NARIC Centre certifying the correspondence of that qualification to the requirements established for the employment position, may be requested from the candidate.
  • A list of research publications that sets out in a separate section the research work published in international editions that have an international editorial board and employ a peer review system.  The list of the candidate’s research publications is shown preferably in ETIS;
  • Link to the full text of, or, if it is not possible, a file consisting of up to five (in the case of the postion of professor) or up to three (in the case of the position of associate professor) or one (in the case of the position of lecturer) representative research publications;
  • in creative arts, a list of creative projects that sets out in a separate section the work that has won international acclaim and includes the relevant supporting documents;
  • if the competition announcement establishes special requirements regarding the knowledge and skills expected of the candidates or if the candidate considers these important, the documents proving possession of such knowledge and skills.

The application documents shall be submitted only in English if proficiency in Estonian is not required from the person filling the position.

Deadline for applications: 20th February 2018 (including).

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