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BFM provides students with state of the art facilities and equipment to concieve, develop, shoot and finalise film and TV productions in a professional environment. Our Production Centre is equipped with professional video, audio and post-production gear that allows students to create a wide range of film, TV and new media content.

In addition to Estonia’s first 4K cinema hall and lecture rooms, the building also houses a modern production complex with a film studio, a television studio, sound studios and editing rooms. Besides renting rooms, the Production Centre also rents camera, sound and lighting equipment and offers production services. The “Nova” building is also home to Estonian Digital Centre, which offers post-production services.

Equipment and Room Rental

The first priority of BFM equipment is to serve class assignments and student productions. Outside teaching process, the school equipment can be rented for commercial productions.

Information and booking

Elari Lend
Project Manager
Phone: +372 6199 915
Mobile: +372 5277 432
E-mail: elari.lend....at....tlu.ee
Room: N419

Toomas Sääs
Head of Production
Phone: (+372) 6199 910
Mobile: (+372) 5390 9495
E-mail: toomas.saas....at....tlu.ee
Room: N419