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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education, bachelor's studies, 180 ECTC (distance studies)


To create opportunities for the acquisition of broad education in Educational Sciences in the area of early childhood education; to support the formation of skills to work in jobs that require early childhood education teacher’s knowledge; to create opportunities for continuation of studies in early childhood education teacher at a Master’s level.


- has basic knowledge in educational sciences, systematic knowledge pre-school education, knows the principles of child development, subject didactics and methods of scientific research

- knows how to integrate theoretical knowledge into practical work with children and adults

- knows how to create a favourable intellectual and physical environment for child development

- knows how to plan, integrate, analyse critically and evaluate pedagogical processes

- is able to search information by using various information sources in the area of pre-school education and to orientate in specific questions and problems of the field

- knows how to conduct empirical research, write and formalise a Bachelor thesis

- know how to reflect upon one's activities, evaluate one's needs for self-education and further training, as well as one's possibilities to continue at a post-graduate (Master´s) level