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Public and Business Management with Specialization on Environmental Studies

Public and Business Management with Specialization on Environmental Studies, 180 ECTC, bachelor’s studies (distance studies)


Create the prerequisites for increasing regional development capability according to modern standard of social studies; 
Enable on site high-quality undergraduate studies that creates the prerequisites for continuing studies on the MA level for people living in regions; 
Develop basic knowledge and skills for public or private organization in socio-economic analysis of environmental, organizational and planning activities; 
Contribute to governance and economic knowledge acquisition, enabling the development of middle managers, or executive advisors in the public, private and third sector; 
Contribute to developing analytical skills in the field of governance and economy, that enables working as an effective specialist in the field of development in an organizational unit. 

Learning outcomes:

- knows the problems of political science and knows how to classify the main problems of politics and governance

- knows how to plan the work of an organization

- has obtained the necessary competences for conducting a research and has special skills to solve problems within

- explains the problems of governance to non-specialists and communicates his knowledge to target groups

- knows how to define his needs for further studies and for professional development