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Social Pedagogy

Social Pedagogy, bachelor’s studies, 180 ECTC (distance studies)


-To create prerequisites for the shaping of socio-pedagogical knowledge and skills in order to notice social problems of children and youth and solve them with pedagogical methods; 
To support the shaping of skills in order to get to know the children and youth with adaptive, behavioural and study difficulties, counselling of them and supporting their ability of social activity and management; 
To shape the skills and knowledge of the student about the possibilities of appreciation of leisure time and hobby activities of children and youth and its association to preventive activities; 
To create prerequisites to continue the studies on master’s level. 

Learning outcomes:

- has knowledge of socio-pedagogical work with children and youth and is able to choose methods according to the situation and target group

- has acquired the qualifications and competence for socio-pedagogical work dependant on the target group in different institutions (educational and social care institutions; local municipalities; youth centres, day and support centres; juvenile detention centres etc.) in public, private and voluntary sector

- understands the environmental impact on development and studying

- is able to critically evaluate existing systems of social protection (including legislation) and use it for child protection and development

- is capable of team-work and is able to be a team leader by understanding the opportunities of a functional network

- is able to gather information and interpret it critically and creatively

- has compliance to continue the studies for a master’s degree