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Dora Plus Grants

The overall objective of Dora Plus is to make Estonia more notable and attractive as a place for studying and research, and the education provided by higher education institutions internationally more competitive.

The programme is coordinated by SA Archimedes, partnered by higher education institutions in Estonia. It will run from 1 August 2015 to 31 May 2023 with an operational budget of 22,567,790 euros, of which support from the European Regional Development Fund forms 87.29%.

Dora plus includes four sub-actions:

Action 1: Participation of young researchers and Master’s degree students in the international exchange of knowledge

Action 2: Inclusion of foreign Master’s students and doctoral students

Action 3: Organisation of summer and winter schools

Action 4: Marketing of study and employment opportunities in Estonia 


For more information, visit the SA Archimedes website.


Contact person for Dora Plus sub-action 1 and 2 at Tallinn University:

Joanna Liiv
TLÜ Dora Plus coordinator
Telefon: 6 409 140
E-mail: joanna.liiv....at....tlu.ee


Contact person for Dora Plus sub-action 3 at Tallinn University:

Olga Reili
Telephone: +372 640 9218
E-mail: olga.reili....at....tlu.ee
Room: T-217


Contact person for Dora Plus sub-action 4 at Tallinn University:

Karolin Mägi
Telephone: +372 619 9599
E-mail: karolin.magi....at....tlu.ee
Room: T-217

Dora Plus accountant at Tallinn University:

Kanni Zeiger
Telephone: +372 640 9156
E-mail: kanni.zeiger....at....tlu.ee
Room: M-563