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Certificate of language proficiency

Students selected to study at the Tallinn University have to be able to follow university lectures in English or Russian or Estonian, participate in seminar discussions and understand written material in their field. In addition, most courses require writing essays and research papers in English or Russian or Estonian.

Language requirements
  • Bachelor level students- language skills usually have to correspond to level B1 (minimum). However, the following schools require level B2 (minimum) language skills from Bachelor level students: 
    • Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School - for the courses of Communication
    • School of Humanities - for the courses of English Language and Culture
    • School of Digital Technologies
    • School of Governance, Law and Society
  • Master level students - language skills have to correspond to level B2 (minimum).
  • PhD level students - language skills have to correspond to level B2 (minimum).
How to prove your language proficiency
  • Language skills in English or Russian or Estonian are listed on the Transcript of Credits (the Transcript states that a B1, B2 or C1 level course has been passed); or
  • Submit Language Certificate 2013-2014.pdf (63 KiB)Tallinn University Language Certificate (pdf, 63 KiB)  (signed and stamped by your home university); or
  • Language Certificate from your home university indicating the level of language (in English); or
  • Submit the copy of the  English language test score (TOEFL, IELTS, etc).