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Completing interrupted studies

There are different opportunities for former students to complete their interrupted studies:

  • As an external student you have the right to complete a study programme, including taking exams and assessments and/or taking a final examination or defending a thesis. As an external student you are not matriculated and you do not have a student status.
  • You can also go through the admission process again and start your studies from the beginning as a student. After you have been admitted to Tallinn University you can apply for recognition of prior learning so you would not need to pass the same courses you have already done.
  • Open Academy is an opportunity if you want to take some individual courses or modules that are being taught for the students, but you are not interested in completing the full programme. As a student of the Open University you do not have a student status, but if you decide at one point that you would like to graduate, then you can use the courses that you have done through Open University.
  • You may apply for a vacant student place starting from the second semester. The candidate must have accumulated at least 75% of the required credit volume for the vacant student place.

If you would like to get additional information or you would like to discuss your opportunities then please contact the university Career and Counselling Centre.