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Deletion from the Matriculation Register

Deletion from the matriculation register means the removal of a student from the list of Tallinn University students. A student shall be deleted from the matriculation register on the order of the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs for the following reasons:

  • at the student´s own request; 
  • at the instigation of the University; 
  • upon graduation, after completion of the study programme in full. 

A student may submit an application in the Study Information System, for deletion from the matriculation register at his/her own request. At the instigation of the University and on the basis of a proposal made by the Head of Studies, a student shall be deleted from the matriculation register for the following reasons:

  • failure to commence studies - if a first year student fails to register for studies worth at least 23 ECTS credit points in the first semester by the deadline set in the academic calendar for electronic registering of courses in full-time study and at least 15 ECTS credit points in part-time study; 
  • absence from studies (except if a student is on academic leave or studying abroad) when he/she has not compiled a study plan (except doctoral students) by the deadline given in the academic calendar; 
  • failure to advance in subjects; 
  • failure to conclude a study agreement or its annex by the deadline; 
  • failure to pay tuition fees by the due date; 
  • closure of a study programme and the student has not submitted an application to be transferred into another study programme; (vii) Inappropriate behaviour of the student;
  • the student has lost their legal capacity;
  • the death of the student. 

A student shall be deleted from the matriculation register due to failure to complete courses if he/she:

  • has not accumulated at least 15 ECTS credits during the first semester;
  • hs failed to meet the full-time study requirements where the amount of studies per semester is less than 22.5 ECTS credits and has not concluded an appendix of study agreement for continuing as a part-time student; 
  • has failed to meet the requirements of part-time study where the amount of studies per semester is less than 15 ECTS credits; 
  • has not obtained a positive result after taking a course for the second time; 
  • has failed to defend his/her final thesis or receive a positive result for a final examination; 
  • has failed to receive a positive result during evaluation in doctoral studies.

The study coordinator of the academic unit shall inform a student about the possibility of his/her deletion from the matriculation register by posting a notification by e-mail within five business days before the proposal for deletion is signed by the head of the academic unit/head of studies.

At the instigation of a student, deletion from the matriculation register takes place on the basis of a student’s application (via ÕIS) at his/her own wish or in connection with admission to another university. The written application needs to be previously approved by the head of study of the academic unit concerned. The student shall submit a written application to the respective academic unit (office of institute or college).

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