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Doctoral Studies

The information necessary for the successful completion of your doctoral studies can be found on this webpage, as well as from your institute, doctoral school, department, career counseling center and the library. We also recommend you join the mailing lists for funding of research and mobility, as well as become a user of the research funding database Research Professional.

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Doctoral studies at Tallinn University are interdisciplinary and international. In addition to leading Estonian researchers and lecturers, our doctoral students are taught and supervised by many internationally acknowledged external lecturers. The high percentage of external supervisors is one of the things that sets us positively apart from other Estonian public universities.

Our goal is for all doctoral students to have the experience of attending a foreign university and participate in research work during their studies. We believe that new and innovative ideas are born at the meeting of different schools of thought and traditions, and from that, independent young researchers, capable of critical thinking, can thrive. To accomplish this goal, we fully support the mobility of doctoral students. There are several grants available for mobility, and if the information on the webpage is not sufficient, we advise you to turn to the institute, doctoral school or the department for help and advice. Don’t wait, act now!

Recently discussions regarding whether or not the state and the university should consider the doctoral student a student or a young researcher and co-worker, have become actual. Unfortunately, at the moment, it is not possible for the university to offer the position of young researcher to all doctoral students, but it is our fervent wish that all doctoral students not only actively participate in the research work of their home institute, but also bring fresh ideas to the university, and create or help strengthen the bridges between various areas of research and creativity. One of the priorities of the university is the creation of interdisciplinary research groups and supporting initiatives and research projects, which facilitate the same. All that begins from co-operation with the doctoral supervisor, but can significantly expand during the studies.