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Examinations and Assessments

  • An examination (hereinafter, exam) is a form of assessment of learning outcomes. Learning outcomes are assessed on the basis of a 6-grade assessment system. All subjects of theoretical nature end with exams. All exams include a written part, except where this is not possible due to the specific nature of the area of specialisation. Exams are taken during the examination session following the study of the particular subject or on the examination day stipulated by the academic unit.
  • Pass/fail assessment is used to assess learning outcomes of a practical nature on a pass/fail scale. Assessment is on the basis of work done during the semester. Pass/fail assessment takes place at the last contact lecture.

Exams and pass/fail assessments in cyclic studies (including distance-learning studies) take place during study sessions or at the time agreed with the member of the teaching staff.

Admission to and sitting exams and pass/fail assessments

A member of the teaching staff has the right to establish requirements and conditions for being admitted to an exam or pass/fail assessment. These requirements must be described in the course programme. Such requirements may be, for example, carrying out independent study or passing a test with a positive result. The member of the teaching staff has the right to refuse a student’s admission to an exam or not to give a pass for his/her assessment when the student has failed to comply with the requirements and conditions for taking an exam or passing an assessment.

A student who has failed to fulfil the requirements for taking an exam / passing an assessment has the possibility to fulfil these during the semester when the course is taught in the following year. Previous agreement with the relevant member of the teaching staff is required.

Registration for examinations

When taking exam or pass-fail test, students must register through Study Information System (ÕIS). If a student fails to attend the examination during the examination session (which is after the semester when a course was taught) the student’s evaluation form shall be marked ‘MI’ (‘absent’).

When a student has registered for an examination/evaluation (s)he has the right to cancel registration within one day before the examination/evaluation. If a student fails to cancel the registration of the main exam, then the result will bemarked as 'MI' and a student loses the opportunity for taking the main exam or pass/fail test. If a student registers for the second exam date and does not cancel his/her registration then in his/her evaluation form shall be marked ‘F’ (‘fail’) for an examination and ‘MA’ (‘fail’) in case of a pass/fail evaluation.

Sitting exams and pass/fail assessments

A student shall have his/her identification document with him/her when going to sit an exam or pass/fail assessment.

A student has the right to be admitted to exams and pass/fail assessments up to two times. Student has the right to use these times till the end of the next semesters' intermediate week, except when the student’s name is deleted from the matriculation register. This means that when the contact study lessons take place in the autumn semester, a student has the right to be for admitted to the relevant exam or pass/fail assessment until the end of the intermediate week in next semester. When the student fails to pass an exam/assessment by that deadline, he/she must retake the subject in full (for more precise information, see “taking a course for a second time”). If the subject is no longer taught, the head of studies appoints a substitute subject.

The responsible member of the teaching staff shall appoint two exam dates during the examination session period or a deadline for presenting a piece of written work for examination.

In addition to two examination dates during the examination session, the member of the teaching staff shall appoint one time outside the examination session; it is recommended that such a time be during the preliminary or intermediate week of the next semester or during the examination days of the academic unit. The member of the teaching staff shall appoint such an additional exam or pass/fail assessment date for students who were ill during the whole examination period and can provide a valid medical certificate.

In the case of cycle-based study, the member of the teaching staff shall appoint two dates for exam or pass/fail assessment in agreement with the whole study group. Examination plans are published on the university website and timetable programme (ASIO) during the last week of the semester that is ending.

Information and registration of results

Students shall be informed of the results of the examination or pass/fail evaluation within two weeks after the date of the examination or pass/fail evaluation (through Study Information System). Students have the right to see their assessed examination/evaluation within 10 working days after the publication of results.

Results of students who have been registered for a course for a second time are indicated on the evaluation form. Teachers and staff shall process these results only when a student who is registered for a course for a second time, has paid for the respective subject (See: Taking a course for the second time’). Results shall be entered into the study information system based on the evaluation forms by a member of the teaching staff.

  • How many times can I take an examination or a pass-fail assessment?

You may take an examination or a pass-fail assessment in a subject up to a maximum of two times. If you were given an ‘F’ on your first examination or 'MA' pass-fail assessment, you then have one more opportunity to improve your grade. However, if you fail on your second attempt in the examination or pass-fail assessment, you must retake the subject. 

  • How many examination dates will I be offered?

You will be offered two dates for the main exam and one date in case you have failed the exam for the first time. There must be a period of at least three days between two examination dates for the same subject. However, there is no minimum requirement for a period between examinations of different subjects. In principle, more than one examination may take place per day. Remember, if you have chosen not to select the first two dates offered, you do not have the right to request a third date during the examination session. The teacher may agree but is under no obligation to do so.

  • Do I have to sign up for an examination?

Yes, you must sign up for the examination via Study Information System (ÕIS). You can do that 24 hours before the exam takes place. If you have registered, but are unable to take the exam, you must cancel your registration at least one working day before the examination date. If you have signed up but cannot participate, then unregister yourself from the list.

  • Does the teacher have the right not to allow me to take an examination if I have missed a test?

All the requirements concerning admission to examinations or pass-fail assessments are provided for in the subject card and you will be informed of these during your first lecture or seminar. If passing this test is one of the prerequisites for the admission to taking an examination or pass-fail assessment, then the teacher has the right to not allow you to take an examination in this subject. If you wish to take an examination or pass-fail assessment in this subject, you must arrange a time with your teacher for retaking the test. You have one year to retake the test and pass an examination (the same period that you have for passing an examination in a subject). These principles also apply to any other requirements for the admission to examinations or pass-fail assessments.