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Filling vacant study places

A student place becomes vacant when a student is deleted from the matriculation register during the nominal period of studies. A vacant student place is filled on the basis of a ranking list, which is created on the basis of applications submitted to the academic unit by the end of the preliminary week of the semester.

Starting from the second semester, the following persons may apply for a vacant student place:

  • a student who is studying on a different study programme and/or form of study only after the first or second semester of studies;
  • a former student of the university who has not exceeded the nominal duration of the study programme when studying on the same study programme;
  • an applicant who complies with the qualification requirements set for admission to the study programme.

For filling vacant student places on the first and second level of higher education, a ranking list is created on the basis of the percentage of completion of the nominal study volume and weighted average grade. The candidate must have accumulated at least 75% of the required credit volume for the vacant student place.

For more information please contact your study counsellor.

Vabale õppekohale kandideerimise taotlus_ENG.rtf (250 KiB)Application for vacant student place