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Student places and study costs

Student places and study costs depend on the year when a student has started his/her studies at Tallinn University. The changes are due to the higher education reform in Estonia.

Students who have entered TU before 2013/2014Students who have entered TU from 2013/2014

Student places are divided according to the source of funding for providing educational services.

Each curriculum has a number of study places, which will be given to the students based on their entrance exams. 

  • State-funded or free (hereinafter SF) student place is a student place created on the basis of state educational order. Student can study for free in case (s)he is a full-time student. If a student fails to be a full-time student (s)he will be transfered to a non-state funded place.
  • Curricula taught in Estonian are free of charge in case the student is a full-time student and fulfills the curriculum 100 percent (or 6 credit points less). Part-time student must pay for the studies based on the credit points. Special conditions are for students with children under the age of 7 or disabled, or are disabled themselves.  

  • Non-state funded or paid (hereinafter NSF) student place is a student place created on the basis of order placed by a natural and or legal person. Students must fulfill at least the requirement of part-time studies and will pay tuition fee during the nominal duration of their studies. 
  • Curriculum taught in English has a tuition fee that a student has to pay each semester during the nominal duration of the studies. A reduction from the tuition fee can be applied in case of good study results. The reduction is decided by the head of Academic Unit for each following semester.

If you have any additional questions about study costs or study places or you want to discuss about your possibilities, then please contact your Study Coordinator or Career and Counselling Centre.