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Study Information System (ÕIS)

What is ÕIS?

ÕIS is Tallinn University's offical studies information system that is being used by teachers and staff to manage students' studies.

ÕIS-2 is the studies information system with improved functionality, appearance and compatibility with modern devices for students 


ÕIS-2 user guides:

  1. Submitting study plan
  2. Viewing course programme and course materials
  3. Registering for interim assessments 
  4. Registering for exams / pass-fail assessments 
  5. Viewing study results 
  6. Joining a group of a course 
  7. Selecting minor field of studies
  8. Submitting applications 
  9. Submitting RPL applications
  10. Nominal studies (SEM) 
  11. Registering for final thesis/exam
  12. Courses feedback