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Study programmes and subjects

Study programmes

A study programme is comprised of a set of modules. The module of introductory courses (general subjects in Master’s studies) provides students with a general overview of the subject area. Speciality modules focus on providing students with speciality knowledge. Students can also choose a minor, which will give them an overview of interesting specialisations other than their major. The credit points obtained from passing a minor shall be included in the optional courses module. Modules consist of compulsory subjects and/or elective subjects.

Subject and course

A subject is a set of knowledge and skills (competences) dealing with issues in a particular discipline or area or providing a broader view of them. Passing a subject is marked by performance. A course is a contact method of teaching a subject.

Subject categories:

  • compulsory subjects: subjects that students must acquire within a curriculum;
  • elective subjects: subjects that can be selected from the list of subjects provided in the curriculum;
  • open electives: subjects that can be freely selected from the subjects listed in different curricula of the university. As a rule, open electives are selected from the curricula of the same level. Optional subjects include both minors and supporting subjects (language and computer studies).

Subjects and their descriptions are available in the Studies Information System.