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Café Oaas (Oasis)

Open: Mon - Fri 8:00 – 18:00, Sat 10:00 – 16:00 

Astra Building, Ground Floor 
Narva mnt 29, 10120 Tallinn 
Tel. 6 602 133 
E-mail: info....at....oaascatering.ee 

Oaas is a catering establishment that was opened in December 2012 by the Tallinn University Student Union.

OAAS stands in the middle of the academic environment, next to the Conference Centre.

In addition to breakfast and lunch, the café also provides service for coffee breaks, luncheons and catering to special events. The service can take place in both, the University campus and outside. The café and catering can also be booked and used outside the regular working hours for special events.



Tudengikohvik OÜ (Student Café LLC)

Open: Mon - Fri 9:00 - 16:00

Terra Building, Ground Floor
Narva mnt.25, 10120 Tallinn 
Tel. 640 9347 
Mob. 504 2702 (Anne-Ly Sermat), 5650 3106 (Anne-Maria Sermat)
E-mail: terrakohvik....at....gmail.com

The menu has a wide variety of edibles, from fresh pastry straight from the oven to cakes, porridges, soups, main dishes, desserts and a salad- and snack buffet. It is possible to pre-order sweet and savoury pastry (1 kg/  6.50 – 8.00 eur), cakes (1 kg / 10.00 eur), various pies, pizzas and savoury strudels (1 kg / 8.00 - 12.00 eur).

Tudengikohvik also provides catering service.

Please contact us on terrakohvik....at....gmail.com. We provide catering for coffee breaks, set buffet tables with hot or cold menus, or finger food. We also provide rooms for banquettes and receptions.



Kehrwieder OÜ

Open: Mon - Fri 9 – 19:00, Sat 9 - 16

Mare Building Ground Floor

Uus-Sadama 5, 10120 Tallinn
Tel. 6409 274
E-mail: peoteenindus....at....kohvik.ee 

Kehrwieder offers self-roasted coffee, locally made pastries, buns, sandwiches, wraps and salads.
The lunch buffet offers soups, stews, pancakes and waffles.
You can also order cakes and other pastries in bulk.
Kehrwieder also offers catering services.