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Tallinn Summer and Winter School

Tallinn Summer School is a 3-week programme in July, offering summer courses for Estonian and international students. Every year, more than 300 participants from around 50 different countries attend subject-specific courses.The summer courses are designed so that students can get a taste of the university's  degree courses, but also to offer top specialists an opportunity to present Estonia to a wider audience. Every year, the program also integrates internationally acclaimed academics, opinion leaders, and  intellectuals from other universities. The key-note lecturers have been, for example, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak (Columbia University), Jeffrey C. Alexander (Yale University), Ernesto Laclau (University of Essex), Chantal Mouffe (University of Westminster).

Tallinn Summer School has a casual and relaxed atmosphere yet still maintains an outstanding scholastic approach, as well as acceptance of a wide diversity of  opinions. While some courses are for Master and PhD students only,  the general interest courses like languages, film-making, photography etc are open to a wide range of participants.

Tallinn University is the main organiser of Tallinn Summer School, but every year several courses are organised together with other universities in Tallinn. Estonian  Academy of Arts, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Estonian Business School, Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences and Tallinn University of Technology have all organised courses in the framework of Tallinn Summer School.

Among other cooperation partners are, for example, the U.S. Embassy in Tallinn, the Canadian Embassy and the British Council who have supported the involvement of guest lecturers; the Estonian Institute who gives out scholarships for Estonian language course; Tallinn Enterprise Board who has supported the cultural programme of Tallinn Summer School.

Tallinn Summer School is part of the
Network of European Summer Schools (NESS). In November 2012, Tallinn University was also the organiser of UNICA Summer Schools Organisers meeting in Tallinn, and contributed to the development of UNICA Summer & Winter Schools portal.

Starting from 2010, Tallinn Summer School has had a seasonal counterpart –
Tallinn Winter School. Tallinn Winter School takes  place in January and is mainly focused on offering language courses.