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The time spent at the university is important to everyone who has ever taken this path. The friends, acquaintances and kindred spirits found here stay with you for the rest of your life. The "Good luck!", "Until we meet" and "Do find your way back to the university" at the graduation ceremony were said looking into the future.

Open lectures, conferences, debate nights and exhibitions are a natural part of a university - you are invited to participate in all that as alumni. As a specialist with increasing experience, you might be interested in continuing ecudation at our open university, language courses or our summer and winter schools. The doors of the academic library are always open for you. In addition, you are welcome to seek help planning your professional success from our career councellors.

By being part of the Tallinn University Alumni Association, you will be better informed of the events and happenings taking place here. Even though the main goal of such events is to offer new knowledge and a chance to speak your mind, they also have a special value - they are your chance to meet your old schoolmates and make new acquaintances.

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