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Alumni Association

NGO Tallinn University Alumni Association is a voluntary association founded on May 9th 2014. NGO Tallinn University Alumni Association comprises of the alumni of Tallinn University, its predecessors, as well as the alumni of the TU Student Union.

The goals of the association:
  • Connecting TU alumni and organising common events;
  • Developing TU cooperation in the fields of education, culture and research.
  • Contributing to TU development, promoting anad participating in internship and entrepreneurial projects;
  • Giving feedback to TU
  • Cooperation with the TU Development Fund, including cooperation in gathering alumni donations;
  • Developing cooperation with locan and international alumni associations.

As a member of the association, you can:

  • refresh the contacts you got from university!
  • be part of exciting events and privileges!
  • have your say in shaping the future of TU!
Become a member!

Send your wish to join to: vilistlane....at....tlu.ee 

Our bank account:
TLÜ VILISTLASKOGU EE032200221060108763
According to our statute, the Alumni Association uses donations only for realising our goals, or according to the instructions of the donor.
Contact us!

E-mail: vilistlane....at....tlu.ee
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TLYvilistlaskogu

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