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Best Publications

Silmapaistvaima publikatsiooni, õpiku ja loomingulise projekti konkursi võitjad 2016:

Best Monography:
Ülo Ugaste "Vastastikdifusioon metallisüsteemides" / "Counterdiffusion in Metal Systems"
Marju Kõivupuu "Eestlase eluring" / "The Circle of Life of an Estonian"
Best Humanities Publication:
Piret Peiker. (2015). A.H. Tammsaare's Truth and Justice as a Postcolonial Bildungsroman. Journal of Baltic Studies, 46 (2), 199−216.
Best Social Sciences Publication:
Piret Soodla; Marja-Kristiina Lerkkanen; Pekka Niemi; Eve Kikas; Gintautas Silinskas; Jari-Erik Nurmi. (2015). Does early reading instruction promote the rate of acquisition? A comparison of two transparent orthographies. Learning and Instruction, 38, 14−23.
Best Natural Sciences Publication:
Neeme Lumi; Katrin Laas; Romi Mankin. (2015). Rising relative fluctuation as a warning indicator of discontinuos transitions in symbiotic metapopulations. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 437, 109-118.
Best Exact Sciences Publication:
Kaia-Liisa Habicht; Nagendra S. Singh; Fred E. Indig; Irving W. Wainer; Ruin Moaddel; Ruth Shimmo. (2015). The development of mitochondrial membrane affinity chromatography columns for the study of mitochondrial transmembrane proteins. Analytical Biochemistry, 484, 154−161.

Winners of the best publication, textbook and creative project competition 2015:

Best monography:
Jaak Valge „Punased I“ / "Reds I"
Best humanities publication:
Marek Tamme “Truth, Objectivity and Evidence in History Writing”.
Best social sciences publication:
Martin Klesment, Allan Puur, Leen Rahnu, Luule Sakkeus „Varying  association between education and second births in Europe: comparative analysis based on the EU-SILC data“.
Best natural sciences publication:
Rando Tuvikene, Marju Robal, Kalle Truus „Funorans from Gloiopeltis species. Part I. Extraction and structural characteristics“.
Eve Kikase, Kätlin Peets „Collective Student Characteristics Alter the Effects of Teaching Practices on Academic Outcomes“.
Best exact science publication:
Tõnu Laas, Berit Väli, Veroonika Shirokova „Parallel investigation of double forged pure tungsten samples irradiated in three DPF devices“.
Best textbook:
Natalja Netšunajev, Vene keele 7. klassi õpik ja töövihik (I ja II osa). / 7th grade Russian textbook and workbook (parts I and II)
Best creative project:
The Tallinn University Symphony Orchestra, led and conducted by Martin Sildos, which has risen to a high artistic level in short period. This is proved by a busy concert schedule and a demanding repertoire.

Winners of the best publication, textbook and creative project competition 2014:

Best monography:
Irina Belobrovtseva, Aleksandr Danilevski and David Vseviov "Vaenlase kuju, Eesti kuvand nõukogude karikatuuris 1920.-1940. aastatel" Valgus 2013. / "Shape of the enemy, the image of Estonia in Russian caricaturse 1920.-1940."
Best humanities publication:
Aivar Põldvee "Vanemuise sünd. Lisandusi eesti pseudomütoloogia ajaloole" Tuna. Ajalookultuuri Ajakiri 2013, lk 10-31. / "Birth of Vanemuine. Additions to the history of Estonian pseudomythology"
Best social sciences publication:
Peeter Selg “The Politics of Theory and the Constitution of Meaning”; published in Sociological Theory, Volume 31, Issue 1, March 2013, pp 1-23.
Best natural sciences publication:
Jaanus Terasmaa, Liisa Puusepp, Agata Marzecova, Egert Vandel, Tiit Vaasma, Tiiu Koff 2013. Natural and human-induced environmental changes in Eastern Europe during the Holocene: a multi-proxy palaeolimnological study of a small Latvian lake in a humid temperate zone. Journal of Paleolimnology, 49, 663-678.
Best exact science publication:
Kaia-Liisa Habicht, C Frazier, N Singh, Ruth Shimmo, I.W Wainer, R Moaddel "The Synthesis and characterization of nuclear membrane affinity chromotography column for the study of human breast cancer resistant protein (BCRP) using nuclear membranes obtained from the NL-229 cells" Journal of Pharamaceutical and Biomedical Analysis.
Best textbook:
Rein Raud "Mis on kultuur? Sissejuhatus kultuuriteooriasse" Tallinna Ülikooli kirjastus 2013. / "What is culture? Introduction to cultural theory" Tallinn University Press 2013
Jaagup Kippar "Veebiprogrammeerimise õpikute komplekt". / "Set of textbooks for web programming"
Best creative project:
Ann Lumiste, Peeter Simm, Anneli Ahven and Elen Lotman "Arhitektuurifilmid. Balti Filmi- ja Meediakool." / "Architectural shorts. Baltic Film and Media School."
Special prize:
Marju Kõivupuu's monography "Igal hädal oma arst, igal tõvel ise tohter" Varrak 2013. / "A medic for every problem, a doctor for every disease" Varrak 2013