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Rectorial Election 2016


On November 9th 2015 Tallinn University announced the election for Rector for the period of May 15th 2016 – May 14th 2021.

According to the Tallinn University Statute, candidates can be set up by any and all academic unit councils, ¼ of the Senate jointly, 8 members of the Advisory Board jointly, and the current Rector.

See the rules for the election

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The candidates for the Rectorial Election were:

Tiit Land


  • Born September 25th 1964
  • Doctoral degree in neurochemistry and neurotoxicology
  • Professor of Chemistry at TU since 2006
  • Rector of TU since 2011
Hannes Palang


  • Born on November 14th 1968
  • Doctoral degree in geography
  • Professor of human geography at TU since 2008
  • Head of TU Centre for Landscape and Culture

The Senate named an electoral committee to organise the elections. The members were:

  • Reili Argus, Professor, School of Humanities
  • Britt Järvet, Vice-Chairperson of Tallinn University Student Union
  • Krista Loogma, Professor and Senior Researcher, School of Educational Sciences
  • Daniele Monticelli, Head of Electoral Committee; Professor, School of Humanities
  • Marge Unt, Senior Researcher, School of Governance, Law and Society

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Additional information:
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academic secretary
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