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Kaisa Kaakinen (University of Turku) avalik loeng W.G.Sebaldist TÜHIs


Kaisa Kaakinen (University of Turku) avalik loeng Reading Architectural Poetics and Transnational Trauma in W. G. Sebald
Loeng toimub 16.10.2017 algusega 16.00 ruumis M-225

This talk will shed light on the use of architecture in the literary work of W. G. Sebald (1944–2001) and investigate its relevance in the narration of history, especially its traumatic dimensions, across multiple cultural contexts. Sebald’s works study historical relatedness both on their thematic and formal levels, connecting historical contexts, narratives and discourses across vast temporal and geographic distances. Focusing on Sebald’s last novel Austerlitz (2001), the talk will investigate various reading protocols prompted by Sebald’s ambiguous poetics that relies on undetermined or “weak” analogies.