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Angel Casal (Argentiina, lõpetas aastal 2017)

"I confess TLÜ was my life-changing investment career-wise and the place where best memories and connections are formed, a place where I could express my opinions without pre-judgment broadening my perspective on the world and getting ready to engage with challenging future paths. I enjoyed the variety of fields of study at Tallinn University believing that to differentiate myself in the labor market I need a competitive side, the one that TLÜ has equipped me with while championing my independent thinking as student."

Jyri Jäntti (Soome, lõpetas aastal 2017)

The wider the knowledge base of a student or a researcher the easier it is to come up with new ideas based on combining different fields. Of course there is always overlap between sciences, but the better the basics on multiple scientific fields, the more coherent ideas one can come up with. Also gathering the basic knowledge on multiple field is extremely helpful in finding out in which field the specialization of the student in the future might lay."


Annina Närhi (Soome, lõpetas aastal 2015)

"After high school, I wasn't sure what to study, so the liberal arts program seemed really fitting. It is a broad program which provides a good basis for many Master's Programs, so you can try different things for your BA before focusing on something more specific for your MA. Tallinn is a great place to study - the city is small but vibrant, there's always something to do. The international commuity is welcoming and you meet people from all around the world." 

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Arta Balode (Läti, lõpetas aastal 2015):

"Liberal Arts was the program that gave me an insight into different study fields at once. If you have wide variety of interests, this choice will let you combine varied professional industries at one. Liberal Arts - the program where media meet politics, films meet psychology, anthropology meets literature, so on, and so on...

 When I look back I feel super happy about my time in Tallinn. City that definitely took my heart with its beautiful sea side where having a break between lectures, taking long walks at Kadriorg and exploring hidden streets at Vana Tallinn. Memories of those 4 years are filled with great moments both at university and constantly active dormitory life with other students at Karu. Place where I met some truly inspiring lecturers and international friends for life time." 

Petr Erlygin (Russia, graduated 2014)

"Liberal Arts degree offers a unique opportunity to study multiple disciplines within one program. I would recommend it to anyone who has diverse academic interests and could not yet find the narrow field for pursuing a degree in it. I also believe this program helped me to understand better in wich academic direction I should move further."