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Doctoral workshop in Riga 13-14 February 2015

Doctoral Workshop: Research Methodology and Data Collection Methods 13-14 February 2015

University of Latvia Aspazijas Blvd. 5, Room 324 Riga, 13-14 February 2015

Agenda_Riga.pdf (299 KiB)Agenda Riga 13-14 February 2015

Call_Baltic training February 2015 Riga.pdf (79 KiB)Call for Applicants

The Baltic Doctoral Support Training: A Series of Training Workshops for Doctoral Students from the Baltic Republics

A joint initiative by: 
Tallinn University, Institute of Political Science 
University of Latvia, Faculty of Economics 
Mykolas Romeris University, Institute of Public Administration and Research Center

Overview of the project 
The goal of the BDST is to provide complementary training opportunities for doctoral students from Baltic-based universities. We are not seeking to replace the training doctoral students receive at their home institution but to integrate them with expertise that might not be available everywhere, while providing an opportunity to present one's research to peers and senior scholars, receive feedback, and broaden their academic and professional network.

There are four main foci that we intend to engage with:

Methodology: discuss and compare methodological approaches to provide a better understanding on how they can be combined to come up with a methodology that is tailored for one's project 
Presentation (oral and written): to provide guidance on how to structure the presentation of research results to doctoral students who intend to publish their results in good English-language journals or want to present at conferences where English is the medium of communication 
Career paths: help doctoral students to discover career possibilities beyond academia. How to use your academic skills to compete in cognate or faraway sectors 
Research design and project writing: how to improve your research and project design skills so to prepare a competitive post-doctoral proposal or to apply for a national/international grant

The BDST is based on an agreement between three Baltic universities. A first workshop has been held at Tallinn University in October 2014. The next is held in February 2015 in Riga, and a third one will take place in Fall 2015.

Get involved/apply 
Participation is free of charge and the project will cover accommodation, food and transport (by bus) to the workshopvenue. Our goal is to create an international and interactive community so that commitment to join two or more events is encouraged. We will, however, accept also applications of students for a single event.

Pilot phase 
The pilot phase will consist of two Doctoral Colloquiums to take place in different locations and with different topics. We plan to continue this through at least 2016 but we will make a final decision after the second workshop. Each event will feature at least 4 experts (two of which will be senior scholars and two from outside academia or with experience from outside academia) so to provide different views on career paths.

Participants will be welcomed to attend both events, and will also be encouraged to commit to contribute to future ones so to further develop the network. 15 participants will be admitted to each event. The primary target is on students at different stages of their doctorate from the social, economic sciences and humanities. However, anyone from cognate or related disciplines can apply if their research fits within the broader theme of the Colloquium.

Financial conditions 
Food and accommodation will be provided for all participants. 
Travel expenses will be covered for those travelling within the region by bus.