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Joint Master level module on business development of Russia and the Neighbouring countries for increasing export capacity of Estonian companies to the East (TRADERUN)

Funded by European Structural Funds and Archimedes Foundation
and coordinated by Tartu University, Euro College

TRADERUN is a joint training programme that gives an overview of economic, cultural, political, administrational business settings in Russia and Eastern Partnership countries.

The aim of a one-year programme is to increase the awareness of the students about Russian and Eastern Partnership countries and business environment. The TRADERUN programme seeks to enhance the quality and expertise of people who are interested in investing or expanding their business to Russia and Eastern Partnership countries. The programme is developed in cooperation between University of Tartu, University of Tallinn, Tallinn University of Technology and Estonian School of Diplomacy.

The project raises the competence and ability of Estonian higher institutions to analyse economic and political-administrative environment and to foresee the possible changes of business development of Russia and Eastern Partnership countries. The module focuses on the business awareness combining the economic, cultural, legal and political affairs and provides problem-oriented approach.

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List of partners
  • Tallinn University, Institute of Political Science and Governance 
  • Tartu University, Euro College
  • Tallinn University of Technology, Ragnar Nurkse School of Innovation and Governance
  • Estonian School of Diplomacy

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