Political culture, participation and civil society in the Baltic States

IDevice Icon The Objectives
  • To introduce the new concepts: political culture and interest groups
  • To provide a basic overview about the main features of the political culture in the Baltic countries
  • To provide an overview about the main trends of political participation and trust in the Baltic countries and to compare the Baltic States with the Western Europe
  • To demonstrate how the interest groups are exerting pressure on politics and which are the more or less influencial interest groups in the Baltic politics

The Outcomes of the Learning Object:
  • The basic knowledge what is a political culture and what are the interest groups
  • The basic knowledge about the main features of the political culture in the Baltic States
  • The basic knowledge about the trends and forms of political participation in the Baltic countries

The target group
Foreign students interested in the Baltic States

Learning material consits of:

  • 2 video lectures: Part 1 (39 minutes) and Part 2 (58 minutes).
  • 3 exercises
The video lectures for the 3rd lecture of the course "Baltic Politics and Government".

Technical Requirements: no special software is required, only flash player (download Adobe Flash Player) and pdf reader (download Adobe Reader) are needed.
Passing the learning object takes approximately 8 academic hours

Author of the Learning Object:
Tõnis Saarts, lecturer of Political Science, Institute of Political Science and Public Administration, Tallinn University

Tõnis Saarts, Tallinn University 2009