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    The International Master in Digital Library Learning (DILL) is a two-year collaborative master program between Oslo University College in Norway, Tallinn University in Estonia and Parma University in Italy.

    The course is designed to prepare a group of students from European and third countries, including librarians, archivists, curators, administrators and technologists, who have or will have responsibility for managing digital conversion programs and/or implementing digital libraries and conducting digital library education programs to work in the complex world of digital libraries. The students will acquire a joint Master’s degree (120 ECTS) which is recognized by all three partners.

    Semesters are spent in all three partner countries (Norway, Estonia, Italy). The first semester is offered in Oslo, Norway, at Oslo University College. The second semester is offered in Tallinn, Estonia, at Tallinn University. The third semester is offered in Parma, Italy, at Parma University. The fourth semester involves writing the Master’s Thesis. Students can choose to write their Master’s thesis at either of the three partner institutions; this depends on the topic and the location of the main supervisor.


    Duration of the studies: 2 years

     Course Credits: 120 ECTS

Tallinn University DILL website

The International Master in Digital Library Learning is offered by the DILL consortium. Formed by:

  - Tallinn University

  - Oslo University College

  - Parma University