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Strategic use of information technology

The use of information technology as a strategic resource has attracted much attention especially in Anglo-American countries in the past. Many publications on this topic deal with the strategic relevance of information processing. These publications explore the question whether and to what extent information technology can contribute to the objectives of an organization (Schlögl, 2005).

Some authors were concerned with models to support strategic applications. A comprehensive survey about examples for the competitive use of information technology is given by Mertens and Plattfaut (1986) for instance. While the first publications were very enthusiastic, there has been some disillusionment in latter years. Several authors are now concerned with the question of whether an IT-based competitive advantage can be maintained for a longer time. Some authors doubt whether this is possible at all (Schlögl, 2005).

A strategic orientation should go along with an increased valuation of information processing in an organisation. This should be met by the creation of a new post at strategic management level: the chief information officer. The main purpose behind this is to ensure that information processing is coordinated with corporate objectives. Strategic aspects play an important role in nearly all concepts that are concerned with the management of information technology. (Schlögl, 2005).


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