Development of Information and Knowledge Management

The phrase 'information and knowledge management " consists of two concepts:

  • information management and
  • knowledge management.

Both information management and knowledge management are defined in different ways. According to Wilson (2002), the phrase 'knowledge management' is either used as a synonym for 'information management' or or the 'management of work practices' which are to improve the sharing of knowledge in an organization.

Some authors see information management as a subset of knowledge management. Knowledge management is also often positioned underneath information management.

Widén-Wulff et al (2005) note that the main problem is the lack of definition of the concept of knowledge management and its relation to information management. It is obvious that these two fields have very much in common... However, questions remain: Can we identify two different areas called 'information management' and 'knowledge management'? And if so, what the similarities or differences between these fields are?

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Look at the following video clips and think: Do we need information management or knowledge management?

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