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2007, 2008, 2010: International Scientific Conference for MA and PhD Students
Music (and the arts.) Education yesterday, today, tomorrow“ (MEYTT)

2007 and 2008 the international scientific conference for MA and PhD students "Music education yesterday, today, tomorrow" took place in TLU Institute of Fine Arts, initiated and organized by the Department of Music and Associate Professor and Head of the Department Tiina Selke. Since 2010 co-organizers are Gerhard Lock and Marit Mõistlik.

Until now, there were no conferences organized specifically for graduate students in Estonia. Such conferences are not particularly widespread elsewhere in the world (e.g. SysMus10, The Third International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology, International Forum for Young Musicologists 2010 Yokohama, Japan). Therefore, the 3rd scientific conference for Master and PhD Students' „Music and the arts. Education yesterday, today, tomorrow(MEYTT2010) (15.-17.04.2010) organized by the Department of Music at Institute of Fine Arts of TLU, could be considered as being at the forefront in the world, and it is important to continue to expand the impact of this conference and interdisciplinarity.

MEYTT's main direction is music education but areas of investigation from compositions, music theory, music history to music psychology are integrated as well. Since 2010 the conference has been expanded to include the name and focus of music and the other arts (which is a continuation of the 2009 TLU's major conference „The Changing Face of of Music Education, CFME09 trend). This extension is due to the intensified cooperation between different departments of TLU Institute of Fine Arts (music, choreography, art, applied creativity) in terms of future joint research work. The idea of a joint postgraduate conference has also received the necessary approval and support from Rein Raud, the rector of TLU. MA and PhD students were also invited to the conference CFME09, so we can speak about the concept of continuity from year 2007.

MEYTT2008 abstracts (ISBN: 978-9985-58-562-7)
MEYTT2010 articles (ISBN: 978-9949-463-00-8)


Muusikakasvatus eile, täna, homme / Music education yesterday, today, tomorrow“. I rahvusvaheline kraadiõppe üliõpilaste teaduskonverents / 1st International scientific conference for MA and PhD students. organizer-chief Tiina Selke.

6 conference presentations: Marta Borowska (Poland), Marit Mõistlik (Estonia, TLU), Jelena Badjanova (Latvia), Aigi Avi (Estonia, TU), Kirsika Teekel (Estonia, TLU), Tiiu Ernits (Estonia, TU).


Teeside kogumik / abstract book
„Muusikakasvatus eile, täna, homme / Music education yesterday, today, tomorrow“. II rahvusvaheline kraadiõppe üliõpilaste teaduskonverents / 2nd International scientific conference for MA and PhD students. Toimetaja / editor-in-chief Tiina Selke. 10 abstracts (abstracts of Estonian participants also in Estonian), 23 pages.

12 conference presentations: prof. Graca Boal Palheiros (Portugal), prof. Jelena Davidova (Latvia), Tatjana Minakova (Latvia), Marit Mõistlik (Estonia, TLU), Zsusanna Kiraly (Finland), Marta Borowska (Poland), Veronika Portsmuth (Estonia, EAMT), Vaike Kiik-Salupere (Estonia, EAMT), Evelyn Mäeorg (Estonia, TLU), Saari Tamm (Estonia, TLU), Merike Aarma (Estonia, TLU), Tiit Lauk (Estonia, TLU).

Toimetuskolleegium/scientific committee: Jelena Davidova (Daugavpils University, Nigel Marshall (University of Roehampton), Maris Männik-Kirme (TLU), Tiina Selke(TLU), Gerhard Lock (TLU), Kerri Kotta (EAMT, TLU).


Article and abstract book publication
Evaluation, Reflectivity and Teaching Methodologies in the Framework of Multi-Cultural Understanding“. Compiled and edited by Tiina Selke, Gerhard Lock & Marit Mõistlik. Tallinn: Tallinn University. 7 articles, 4 abstracts, 3 keynote abstracts, 83 pages. Website:

The articles and abstracts of this volume are outcome of scientific work done at the institutes the authors are (until the date of this publication) professors and lecturers, and graduate students (PhD, MA, BA). The purpose of this issue is to provide researchers and students of Estonian and international music educational institutions publicational output for their current work and to motivate them for future scientific work. In this framework the 3rd scientific conference for MA and PhD students “Music education yesterday, today, tomorrow” (MEYTT2010) April 15–17, 2010 organized by Tallinn University Institute of Fine Arts, Department of Music functioned as public forum for popularizing scientific work and it’s practical application. This volume presents
14 selected articles and longer abstracts which were chosen from alltogether 18 proposals accepted also as paper presentations at MEYTT2010. All texts are reviewed especially for this volume by an international committee.

14 articles, keynote abstracts and abstracts: Kai Viljami Åberg (Finland), prof. Jelena Davidova & Olga Goncharova (Latvia), Jelena Davidova & Irena Kokina (Latvia), Vitold Kekla (Latvia), Vaike Kiik-Salupere (Estonia, TLU), Gerhard Lock (Estonia, TLU, EAMT), prof. Nigel Marshall (UK), Tatyana Minakova (Latvia), Marit Mõistlik (Estonia, TLU), Marika Rohtsaar (Estonia, TLU), Kagari Shibazaki (UK), dr. Stefanie Stadler Elmer (Switzerland), Anneli Veinberg (Estonia, TLU), Ineta Zimele-Šteina (Latvia)

Editorial Board: Tiina Selke (Tallinn University), Gerhard Lock (Tallinn University, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre), Marit Mõistlik (Tallinn University), Jelena Davidova (Daugavpils University), Antti Juvonen (University of Joensuu), Nigel Marshall (Roehampton University London), Stefanie Stadler Elmer (University of Zurich), Pozzi Escot (New England Conservatory Boston), Robert Cogan (New England Conservatory Boston)


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