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KorFest: „Sound sonorously“ and “Communities”

When: 05.01.2018, at 19:00-20:30
Place: Theatre Stella


Performances on January 5th and 6th

Allar Valge (BA 2018)

„Sound sonorously“

Movers – co-authors: Ander Ott Valge, Aneta Varts, Maarja Pärn, Marie Vaigla, Marko Reitalu, Silver Soorsk.
Light: Ants Kurist
Music: Arvo Pärt „Ukuaru Waltz“
Live sound: Marie Vaigla
Technical support: Vaido Valge
Supervisor: Sille Kapper 

Forgetting is human and commonplace. We tend to forget also important people in life whose absence we notice only when there is nothing to be done about it. Let’s remember the sonorous and care about sounding...

Allar has trodden dance path since his 4th year: has practiced seriously swing and tap dance, but participated in dance and gymnastic celebrations now and then. He has poured into his body ballet and contemporary dance during his three-year period of university studies and side projects.

Aneta Varts (BA 2018)


Dancers: Kerstin Vnukova, Arolin Raudva, Allar Valge, Jene Walker, Hansel Rivero
Light: Ants Kurist
Costumes: Triin Tint
Vocal: Denise Fontoura
Music: Denise Fontoura, Maalem Mahmoud Guinia “Marhaba”, Clap! Clap! “The Rainstick Fable”, The Very Best “Hear Me”, Os Tincoãs “Deixa a Gira Gira”.
Supervisor: Sille Kapper 

Special thanks to Tõnis Vellama and Sander Mölder.

In the production we witness a society, its internal dynamism, acceptance and non-acceptance, touching borders. In this world one has the freedom to make decisions, to follow others or not. How to relate to the surroundings is each one’s personal decision. As there is no sadness without joy, sounds without silence, there are both black and white. There is space for both.

The dance production „Communities” is inspired by Afro-Brazilian culture and candomblé religion.

The production is dedicated to my father.

I am Aneta Varts. Dance has been an indivisible part of my life since my 6th birthday. In addition to dancing music, rhythms and drumming uniting the former two, have been essential in my life. Brazilian music and culture have a deep place in my heart. Therefore these themes and fields have been important sources of inspiration for my graduation piece.

 Tickets (7€) sold at Piletilevi.