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KorFest: „Awake in a dream“ and shallow sea

When: 09.01.2018, at 19:00-20:30
Place: Kumu auditorium


Kerstin Vnukova (BA 2018)

„Awake in a dream“

Dancers: Aneta Varts, Allar Valge, Sandra Põld, Richard Beljohhin, Maria Maandi, Markus Aru, Maarja Eliisabet Roosalu, Marko Reitalu, Daniil Volkov
Light: Ants Kurist
Costumes: Silvia Sigrid Sillaots
Sound design: Haendel Gabriel Guerrero Solis
Supervisor: Heili Einasto 

Holidays. Do you know where the annually celebrated holidays originate from? Why are they celebrated? What have they become in the present consumer society? Is the colourful December bustle sufficient for people not to feel themselves lonely and abandoned?

Fear of being followed. What would happen if you are observed not via a camera somewhere afar, but here and now, in your own room? How to get rid of fear? Do you expect a knight on a white horse would save you or would dyou face the challenge on your own?

You don’t like what happens in the real world, but prefer to dream about your ideal one. Do you accept the reality or escape into a fantasy?

I invite you to ponder on these themes. If you are tired of thinking, then come and enjoy movement and lovely jazz rhythms

I began my dance journey in Rada Dance Theatre where I obtained a strong basis of classical ballet, character and jazz dance. After finishing the dance school I became interested in contemporary dance, took classes in ETA Dance School, Estonian Dance Academy, and various workshops. Since childhood I have been dreaming about becoming a dance teacher – and luckily this dream is fulfilled! At the moment I am captivated by different jazz dance styles and forms. I love jazz music which was the main source of inspiration for my production. I want to share this love with you!


Maarja Eliisabet Roosalu (BA 2018)

"Shallow sea"

On stage: Elle Maria Viies, Karmen Teesi Pregel, Kertu Kasemets, Maryn-Liis Rüütelmaa, Allar Valge, Karl-Gustav Kasemaa, Mark Monak, Markus Monak
Light: Ants Kurist
Costumes: Susanna Peters
Music: jasperino
Photos: Harli Jaanimägi
Supervisor: Sille Kapper

I put my toes into the warm sea and think that it should reach both my ankles and the top of my head at the same time. I don’t know that before I haven’t jumped in. But it is terrifying to dive because I don’t know how deep is the sea. What if I drown there? Or get contused? What if the waves go over my head and I cannot get out? Will you jump in with me?

The sun is hot but I don't want to go yet. I want to be with you. Look into your eyes, hold your hand. In case we won’t arrive the same shore later.

I will give you this July Sun when I was so much afraid and didn’t know anything. When I was terribly afraid. When I didn’t know that the sea may be shallow.

I started from folk dance, but when growing up I became interested in contemporary dance and its different styles. I do think contemporary dance is closest to my heart, but lately street dance, in particular house has also captivated me. In my art and activities I try to combine everything I have come across.

Tickets (7€) sold at Piletilevi.