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The 6th Nordic Geographers Meeting will be held in Tallinn and Tartu, Estonia on 15 – 19 June 2015 on the theme "Geographical Imagination: Interpretations of Nature, Art and Politics". Both human and physical geographers are encouraged to participate under this broad heading but the organisers aim at highlighting the connections between nature, climate and imagination, culture contacts between East and West (across and beyond the Baltic to the Far East, the Americas and Oceania) including geographical explorations and the issues of interpretation and politics (including being lost or found in translation).

Estonia’s debated history and geography (regional belonging) make it a great place for critical debate on interpretations and provide geographers with far more than just a location for a conference, expanding their horizons, encourraging imagination and connections with nature. In 2015 the Estonian Geographical Society is celebrating its 60th anniversary and the Russian Geographical Society its 150th (significant since most of its founders were from the Baltic Provinces). These events connect to the conference theme opening for a discussion of geographical explorations, their documentation and the role of geographical societies in launching such activities of discovery and creation. If the role of geographical societies in the past needs a critical review, their future, as well as the future of teaching and publishing geography is continuously debated. The conference theme also connects directly to the geographies of children and young people – a popular topic in geography demonstrated cleary at the Iceland conference – that resonates with creative approaches in geography as a discipline and in the mundane.

Estonian president Toomas Henrik Ilves jokingly suggested in 1997 that one trait that connects the Northern half of Europe is the celebration of the yuletime and the possible common roots of the word for Christmas. It is our great pleasure to invite you to Estonia close to the time of the other great celebration – Midsummer 2015. We hope you enjoy this conference and your stay in Estonia!

The 2015 Local Arrangements Committee (LAC)

Mihkel Kangur, President of the Estonian Geographical Society, Tallinn University
Taavi Pae, University of Tartu
Sirli Peda, Tallinn University
Tiina Peil, Tallinn University
Kalev Sepp, Estonian University of Life Sciences