• PhD Helps Simplify Designing Apps for Multiple Devices at Once

    14.03.2018 10:58

    Today, Ilja Šmorgun from the Tallinn University School of Digital Technologies will defend his PhD Thesis, which supports designing apps for Distributed User Interfaces (DUI), i.e. multiple devices at once. During research, a collection of design patterns was created, which offers solutions to many recurring design problems.

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  • PhD Thesis Researched Changes in Water Levels at the Kurtna Lake District

    13.03.2018 14:29

    Today, Marko Vainu from the Tallinn University School of Natural Sciences and Health defended his thesis looking at the large changes in water levels at the Kurtna lake district within the past 70 years, and the role of groundwater in closed-basin lakes.

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  • Ask a Researcher: What if Scientists Ruled the World?

    13.03.2018 13:04

    The need to live a research-based life and make our decisions according to science is ever more becoming an issue. In science fiction, readers are introduced to worlds led by scientists. Arko Olesk, lecturer of research communication at Tallinn University Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School says that even science does not hold the final truth.

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  • Call for papers - Estonian Journal of Education

    08.03.2018 12:06

    We are inviting submissions for the free issue of Estonian Journal of Education (Eesti Haridusteaduste Ajakiri), which is scheduled to be published in May 2019. The journal welcomes high-quality research papers in the field of education and related areas.

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  • Ask a Researcher: Does My Mother Tongue Affect My Intellectuality / Worldview?

    06.03.2018 11:44

    We asked Daniele Monticelli, Professor of Italian Studies and Semiotics at the Tallinn University School of Humanities whether our mother tongue affects our intellectual capacity and worldviews. Here’s what he had to say.

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  • The best of the Best of BFM have been chosen

    05.03.2018 11:36

    On Friday, March 2nd Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School of Tallinn University chose the best student films under the traditional heading „Best of BFM“. Alongside Best Short Film and Best Documentary BFM showcased new categories this year as Best Advertisement and Best Music Video were also chosen. The screening of the best of the Best of BFM will be held for free on March 9th at 2 PM in BFM’s own SuperNova cinema.

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  • Ask a Researcher: Why is the Grass Green? Or is It? (Mari Uusküla)

    27.02.2018 14:44

    Why is the grass green? Or is it? We asked Mari Uusküla, Associate Professor of Linguistics and Translation Theroy at the School of Humanities.

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  • Ask a Researcher: Why do We Need to Teach Music to Someone Without any Talent?

    20.02.2018 11:45

    Do we, and how do we need to teach music to someone we know has no talent, TV viewer Ele asked our researchers. Tiina Selke, Associate Professor of Musics Didactics claims the knack for music is hidden in every one of us. It just needs opening up.

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