• Record Amount of Applications to International Programmes

    18.08.2017 13:58

    The admission period for the 27 international study programmes offered by Tallinn University is now over. Students from abroad submitted 909 applications, whereas last year TU received 462 applications.

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  • Business and Management most popular in Tallinn University

    07.07.2017 13:55

    Even though the biggest number of applications – 473 – was submitted to the Psychology curriculum, the Business and Management programme received the most applications per vacancy – 9,25.

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  • Tallinn Summer School Greets Participants from Across the World

    03.07.2017 14:47

    The Tallinn Summer School, hosted for the 12th time by Tallinn University on 10-28 July will host over 250 participants from more than 50 countries. South Korea, Hong Kong, the United States, UK, and Russia are best represented.

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  • Riho Västrik – How do Pictures Turn into a Documentary?

    20.06.2017 13:08

    What makes a set of moving pictures a documentary? This question is not as easy as it initially seems. Any moving picture that shows the real world and actual people tends to be named a documentary, says Associate Professor of the Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School Riho Västrik.

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  • PhD Thesis Analysed the Messages of Usāma ibn Lādin

    20.06.2017 12:29

    Today, on 20 June, Helen Geršman from the Tallinn University School of Humanities will defend her doctoral thesis, which studies the written and spoken messages of the Saudi Arabian born Usāma ibn Lādin.

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  • PhD Thesis Studied Cremated Human Remains

    19.06.2017 12:23

    On 19 June, Raili Allmäe from the Tallinn University School of Humanities defended her doctoral thesis, which focused on the cremations and burial practices of Iron Age Estonia. For the first time in Estonia, the focus is set on studying cremated human remains.

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  • Tõnu Laas – How does a Self-Driving Car Know Where it is?

    13.06.2017 13:34

    An autonomous vehicle is one that can function like a regular vehicle, monitor its surroundings and navigate without the help of a driver. A self-driving, or robotic vehicle can react to any situation faster than a human being, and be more precise and careful, says Tõnu Laas, Professor of applied physics at the Tallinn University School of Natural Sciences and Health.

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  • PhD Thesis Looked at the Formation of Estonian Identity

    12.06.2017 13:57

    Today, on 12 June, Emilia Pawłusz from the Tallinn University School of Governance, Law and Society will defend her PhD Thesis, which is an ethnographic research into the everyday, informal aspects of making Estonianness.

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