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Doctoral Studies

PhD studies duration: 4 years (8 semesters)
Language of Instruction: 
Estonian, English
Field of Study: 
Conferred Degree: 
PhD (Educational Sciences)

Detailed study programme is available HERE.

All doctoral students have a right to belong to Doctoral School of Educational Sciences.

The School: 

  • offers and mediates training opportunities;
  • compiles information materials;
  • conducts evaluation of doctoral students and advance reviews of doctoral dissertations;
  • organises academic work;
  • consults and informs students.

The aim of the Doctoral School of Educational Sciences is to guarantee the level of quality of doctoral studies and dissertations established in the Estonian Republic and to support the continuous development of educational sciences to meet the needs of Estonian education.

The functions of the Doctoral School of Educational Sciences are:

  • The organization of doctoral studies in educational sciences by following commonly established principles, coordinating research at the doctoral level, acting as an information and counselling centre for doctoral students, coordinating cooperation between universities and research establishments of Estonia and other countries.
  • The School of Doctoral studies fulfils the Educational Sciences PhD curriculum.

As the result of cooperation between Tallinn University School of Doctoral studies, Tartu University and Tampere University, the project “The improvement of doctoral studies quality in the educational science field” is being conducted and is sponsored through Directive 1.1 of the European Social Funds.